Wednesday, 21 May 2008


21st of May 2008, i had done my exam finally... It was really suffering during the whole exam period as i had never been hardworking to prepare for the exam before.... I studied from night until morning everyday for almost 2 weeks, it's really a record for me... Hurray, finally i had done that.....

Today is the Champions League Final between Manchester United and Chelsea.... I had bought my first ManU jessy in my life.. The city centre is really crouded because u can see alot of Man United fans gathering at the parade.... it is really awesome and i really enjoy the atmosphere there...

After eating at chinatown, i was going to my uni bar to watch the match,,,it is really excited during the match....the atmosphere is boiling to the peak when the penalty begins... Gosh, C-Ronaldo missed the penalty... everyone inside the bar is so pissed off.. Luckily, with the help with Chelsea's "aeroplane leg" terry n anelka.. ManU had lifted the trophy finally... it is really awesome and unbelievable... Let's hurray for ManU...

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Sunday, 6 April 2008

boring life

it is quite a long time since my last update for my blog..i'm really lazy to write blog due to my laziness and the lack of writing the way, it the time for me to update my recent life is the last day of the 3 weeks easter break.
ok,let's me refresh wat i had done during my holiday.. i had been travelled to milan in the first week of my holiday... basically, italy is really a nice country as there are many grand and historical church. i did visited a so called the world third largest church, but to be frankly i'm not really interested to the art of building..when i was inside the church, i just simply capture few photos to keep as memory..after that i was just walking around to "survey" whether got leng lui or not.. haha... this is my natural instinct, cant change....milan is a shopping heaven for those who preferred branded stuff like LV, gucci,prada etc.. but i din manage to buy anything since i'm so poor....
after coming back from milan, i was just stay in home, sleep,eat, watch movie and do some assignment (just do few sentences only in 2 weeks). although i want to do as much as i can for the assignments, but the lazy worm keep on biting me,bite until i cant do and just leave it at a corner...
finally, the holiday ends and i have to start doing work alr.. this month will be very suffering as i got 2 assignments have to be submitted... i really hate doing assignments although i know this is a so called student's major task... sigh...
now, i'm praying that this month will pass very soon. after this month, i will be very enjoying although i still nd to prepare for the final exam.. haha.. looking forward for my europe trip in june..

Saturday, 1 March 2008



Wednesday, 27 February 2008

earth quake

Something strange and new for me happened last night.... when i was sitting in front of my laptop and get ready to shutdown.. i felt the ceiling was shaking... my first thought in mind was which bastard at my upstair make love until the ceiling going to collapse... ?? after that only i know it was earthquake... but the only thing in my mind was : "y UK got earthquake?? i never hear before that UK got earthquake..." actually this nothing scary, cuz the ceiling only shaking for few seconds only...wont get afraid with it but feel funny... wahaha..

Monday, 25 February 2008


all my frens are become blogger recently and they are very active in posting articles... this makes me feel ashamed.. y they still manage to blog although they are busy but i cant able to write anything even i'm very free..i think i may be prefer talk rather than write..
Just to make my article longer, i'm now to tell all of my frens that i had finally step out my lazy legs to apply for part time since i reached uk last sept.. actually it's quite ashamed cuz some of my frens alr earn around 1k but i'm just keep on spending money... Now, i really hv to think about the part time job seriously cuz i couldn't afford to buy u all souvenir if i still jobless.. wahaha.. so wat do u guys think?? do i need to work now??

Thursday, 4 October 2007




Saturday, 29 September 2007